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Old 09-16-2010, 06:44 PM   #11
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Haven't played sc2 yet, but I'm sure you could squeeze in quite a few more polies here and there to get the polycount of the average sc2 model. I'm also a bit unsure about the propotions. Sure, it's a typical blizzard cartoonish design, but he feels kinda bandy, and i don't really like the waist either.

But you'll get there I'm sure. Keep it up.
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Old 09-19-2010, 01:43 AM   #12
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No need for more pollies imo. Texturing will do the rest pretty nice. Don't forget that in sc2 most of the details comes from the different textures.
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Old 11-13-2010, 07:09 AM   #13
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ummm, whats your model's poly count atm ?? cause it its not at about 1.5k then you should try and work in a lil bit more detail, and of course you should create a super high poly version to make the normal map for!! ^_^ but i like soo far!! its coming along nicely!
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Old 12-02-2010, 02:31 AM   #14
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If I recall, there was a thread somewhere showing default Starcraft 2 models imported in 3dsmax and they didn't necessarily have a much higher poly count. The reason they look so good is due to the textures. Starcraft 2 has a much more powerful system of light rendering with normal maps that adds a ton of detail while keeping polycount low.

Wish I could find the thread.
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