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Originally Posted by Anopob
From what I have read the biggest reason Khaydarin Amulet was removed was because Blizzard felt like the other races (specifically Terran) was having too much of a trouble dealing with them. They were talking about how it would be too cheap/strong/whatever to just warp in templars anywhere on the map and instantly storm armies to counter counter-attacks, etc. Therefore they removed it hoping for players to warp in templars early so that they weren't just an immediate go-to unit to instantly storm. While I do agree that casting storm from anywhere on the map instantly is greatly strong, I feel the entire removal of the upgrade is a bit harsh. Perhaps reducing the upgrade +25 initial mana to something less, or let templars have a little bit more initial mana would be fine.

Well maybe if MMM with some Vikings wasn't so OP against protoss, Protoss wouldn't have to resort to warp-storming...

I do agree that the energy could have been adjusted instead of removed. The fact that they are pretty weak (besides their storm) makes them frustrating sometimes. Infestors can burrow and run and ghosts/ravens can cloak/are flying. high templar really have no defensive abilities at all. If they are caught with their pants down, there is no second chance button.
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