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Default Changing the Help Menu

I've been playing around with some of the fields pertaining to the in-game help menu and was having some trouble with a few things.

1. Every time I try to add a new category to put units in, it always shows up as UI/HelpMenuDialogTech...
I'd really like to know how to create my own categories rather than just use the ones already existing there (ie Protoss, Terran Zerg).

2. Each model is displayed at a different size in the help menu, and I was wondering if anyone knew how this could be changed. The colossus is rather small, and basing an unit/actor/model off of the colossus will make that model appear similarly smaller in the help section were the model is displayed, were basing a unit or actor or model off the zealot will make it display much bigger. Anyways, was wondering if anyone knew exactly were to modify the units size to change this. Or possibly a camera. Really not sure. But I've seen some custom maps were imported models are enormous, and others were the imported model looks just about right in the help dialog.

3. I would really like to now how to make a custom building tech-tree in the help section, and the furthest modifications I've been able to do is change the building's names and the units they produce, I haven't been able to actually move the buildings around. I'd like to know how to add/remove morphed/merged units not connected to any of the buildings in this as well.

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